Chaga Mushrooms 

 We don't just harvest wild Canadian Chaga,

 we have been drinking Chaga Tea every day for our own health since 2006!

Inner Layer of Chaga Mushroom
Inner Layer Of Chaga Mushroom


Chaga is a non-renewable wild resource, so why not buy your cured Chaga from the people who have many years of experience harvesting wild mushrooms and as professionals we know how to harvest them responsibly and sustainably. And most importantly, we know how to cure the mushrooms properly. We do not use any kind of  heat source at all. Our methods of curing retain far more of the important nutrients that all wild mushrooms have to offer. 

We want to protect this important natural resource from over harvest. We try to teach our harvesters basic tree biology, to leave the smaller specimens to grow and to never harm the trees so that Chaga remains sustainable!

 It was in the summer of 2006, after returning home to New Brunswick, Canada that I was called to remember and was in desperate need of this amazing Chaga Mushroom. 

AndrĂ©, a young fellow from Russia, who was an exchange student here in Canada at the time, was studying plant Biology on the Queen Charlotte Islands back in the fall of 1999 and we came to talking about Chaga. (more on this story below)

At the time, no one here in North America seemed to know anything about its medicinal properties or even that it existed, so I went on the internet of course, to find out what I could about this miracle mushroom. At that time, my search produced only one website that had any information about it at all, and that one and only website was based out of Russia. It is with humble gratitude that I thank the people at for the information you so freely shared with the world then and now! And unlike what everyone else has done since, I did not copy and paste their information onto my website as a marketing tool or to fool people into thinking I knew something that I didn't. 

I was and still am just one of Mother Natures little garden helpers.

After reviewing what they had to say at Chaga Trade about the medicinal properties of this mushroom, I started harvesting it for myself  to see if it really did, or would work for my high blood pressure and high sugar levels due to type-two diabetes, not to mention a serious disease that I had lived with since 1984 .  What I can and will say is this-  my energy levels skyrocketed in the first week and after the first two months of drinking three glasses of Chaga Tea every day.  I no longer had high blood pressure and my sugar levels were under control; and have remained so, for over six years now with daily use.  (I don't miss having to prick my fingers 3 or 4 times a day either)

This is my experience with Chaga, and I make no other claims as to its medicinal uses, other than to say that it has dramatically improved the quality of my health and life and continues to do so.  I am not a doctor, nor a scientist and cannot comment on other health problems that I do not have.

Nor am I the Creator, nor the designer of this gift, but I am however one of Mother Natures little gardeners and do respect her laws. 

Think of Mother Nature with this in mind.....If we wound Her a little bit, She will go away (as we all do when wounded) to take the time She needs to heal, then She will come back and give us more in time. But if we wound Her beyond Her ability to heal and we cut too deeply then She will not heal and She will not give back what we have destroyed, and there will be nothing left for any of us!

Dwight Thornton with prize Chaga Mushroom
Chaga Mushroom Powder

 In 1999, while we were buying Chanterelle mushrooms for a larger mushroom company out of Richmond, B.C. I heard of Chaga from a Russian Biology exchange student in the Queen Charlotte Islands, (located off the north coast of British Columbia, Canada). I'd been a professional mushroom harvester and field buying agent of wild gourmet mushrooms since 1997.  After finding a very rare fungus there, that he named Ling Zhi (a medicinal mushroom most favored in China & Japan), he told me a very interesting story about another potent medicinal mushroom - Chaga.  He and his family harvested this mushroom he called Chaga in Russia and went on about the Chaga Trade with China.  As great as the story was, I soon forgot all about the mushroom, but not his story of his families hardships. 

 It is only for these reasons that I harvest Chaga:
 to share the health benefits with others who need it as I do !!

 It did not take long, however, before my family and friends were noticing the difference in my health, and I began  harvesting Chaga for them as well through the fall and winter of 2006 and 2007.

In 2006, we launched our first website to sell fresh Fiddleheads and Dried Gourmet Mushrooms online from here in New Brunswick Canada.  Since the best time to harvest Chaga is off-season to the Fiddleheads and edible wild mushrooms and other wild edibles, I added the Chaga to our website as well in 2007 because of it's amazing health benefits to me.  

How could I not share this? 

This also prolongs our wild foods harvest season, which helps to support my family and now helps a few others that I have trained in our community through the winter months. We do not harvest Chaga through the summer months at all.

Regrown Chaga Mushroom after first harvest

 Since the summer of 2007 with the launch of my website ( we were the first website in North America to offer Chaga in it's purest form) there are  now literally thousands of web pages and web sites selling Chaga in various forms from all parts of North America. Yes the marketers also found my website and learned about the Chaga here as well!

Dwight Thornton with Prize 42/lb Chaga Mushroom
Chaga Mushroom Chunks

 We only harvest and sell Chaga in its purest form. We do not add anything to our grind or powder. Nor do we make any kind of extract, and if we did it would be a single extract only. A double extract simply means; add water and make more money! 

That's my personal promise to you!

Here in Canada, our alcohol content in our Vodka is no higher than 45%  so the 55% water content will take care of the water soluble enzymes during the fermentation process. So there is no need to do a second extract with water at all, as it serves no purpose other than to increase the volume and weaken the first extract. Unless of course you are using 100% grain alcohol, then by all means do the second boiling of the mash method.

Our Chaga is available in chunks, powder, loose tea grind (make your own tea bags)  or 1/4 cup Tea Bags and our NEW ThermO Teabags.  

We do not clean the Melanin-rich black outer part of the mushroom off as other people do, because recent analytical studies of the mushroom show that it is this part that holds the highest concentration of the anti-tumor rich phenols like the Melanin acids.   

For more details and scientific analysis go to

For a comparison of Siberian vs Canadian Chaga CLICK HERE.

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