Instructions for making Chaga Tea and other great ideas for brewing, using and storing your Chaga tea.

  Although there is much conflicting information in regards to Chaga Tea brew times & directions across the internet and among other companies -please do not be distracted by the confusion and just enjoy making and drinking your Tea, because it's a fairly easy process!

     You could spend hours reading all the "He said....She said" comments worldwide and still never come to a definite method or scientific/medical conclusion.  Use them as guidelines perhaps (some of these articles are a really good read tho!), and use your own good common sense.  Because.... who knows your body better than you?  You'll come to know how you like your Chaga Tea. 

     We're not in the business of challenging or debating...seriously - it's simple... it's good for's not "cultured" or man-made.  Our Chaga is a 100% natural & pure product from Mother Nature, the woods, the wilderness, the forest....not from big box store shelves, nor from cultivated processes.  No our products are not "Certified Organic", they're better than that - they're Wild!

     All I know is that it undeniably helped my health from my own personal experience with Chaga.  There's a pot of Chaga Tea on my stove every day -it's just part of my lifestyle.   Keep your own health in mind and try different things/recipes with the Chaga until it's right for you!       

 ***Note: Our brew directions have been updated. Current product labels may not yet reflect these revisions*** 

For Hot Tea:

Bring 12 cups of water almost to boiling point (175 degrees)- turn down to low & add one of the following:

1- Chaga Tea Bag or 1/4 cup Tea Grind and steep approx.  5-6 hrs.

 Chaga Chunks (from the 8 oz. or 1 lb. bags) and steep for 6-7 hrs.

1-Chaga ThermO Teabag per 4 to 6 cup vacuum bottle (let steep overnight) One time use only!

"Bulk" Chaga (in our 2 lb. + bags) contain larger chunks - use approx. 3-5 larger pieces or 1/oz  and brew for 8 hrs. or overnight is perfect. We put our pot on every night before we go to bed, and it is ready to go when we get up each morning.

Steep on the stove at the lowest setting (#1-2).  Many people are now using Crock Pots to brew the Tea overnight. Longer brew times yield a stronger Tea.  Smaller Chaga particles (Tea Grind vs. big Chunks) appear to yield a quicker brew time. 

Avoid "boiling" the Tea, but allow it to "steep" and be hot enough, where you'd see wisps of steam coming off the Tea but not "boiling bubbles".  If using Chunks or Grind, you would strain with a strainer or cheesecloth (not necessary if using the tea bags we offer).  

REMEMBER, you can make another 12 cup pot of Tea with that same Chaga!  Some people even brew a third time.

If drinking 4 cups daily, you'll have enough for 3 days. Once you brew your first pot of tea, you can either brew another 12 cup pot immediately using the same Chaga or you can freeze that Chaga  until you are ready to brew your second pot.  We use our Tea Grind and Chunks twice only.

For Iced Tea:

Let the brewed Tea cool and add freshly squeezed lemon & natural honey (and now my favorite natural sweetener is Pure Maple Syrup) to flavor and refrigerate.  Add a fresh sprig of Mint (energy booster) or grated Cinnamon.  

Try mixing Chaga Tea half and half with beer for a refreshing drink! Or make Chaga Ice Cubes with your Tea and add to your favorite summer drinks or to those Smoothies, Cappuccinos, Slushies and Frappucchinos. Making the ice cubes is also a great way for storing your Chaga for months ahead of time, and is ready for use when you are!

If you're not sensitive to "scents", don't throw out those used up Chaga Chunks, dry them out and burn them as Incense! The aroma of burning Chaga is truly amazing!

 In regards to expiration dates for Chaga.  

We harvest our Wild Chaga in the late Fall after the trees go dormant and then again in early Spring before the sap starts running.  Our Chaga is never older than 6 months from date of harvest. It's cleaned, hand cut & meshed.  After our curing process, it is immediately hermetically sealed to retain its' freshness. If properly cured & sealed, Chaga will last several years if left in sealed bags however, once opened we suggest consuming within 1-2 years of purchase date to benefit from its' freshness.  Store at room temperature; keep dry & sealed in the zipped bag or a jar. Keep out of direct sunlight.  

Try our NEW Chaga ThermO Teabags for those of you on-the-go! 

If you deserve the best, then we have what you deserve!


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