July 29/2018

    Chaga.... Natures little miracle for sure. I first heard the word and thought what the heck is the stuff, it sure dont sound good. Little did I know! I had bad rotator cuffs that I would have to ice down until the shoulder was numb and then still the pain and loss of movement would return. I heard the word Chaga and researched what it was. I found nothing but good words about Chaga and ordered some from Dwight. I recieved the package and it actually set on my kitchen counter for a week or two. I made a small cup of Chaga one Sunday night and drank it before going to bed with a rotator cuff that was killing me. I woke up and the pain in my shoulder was almost gone... I had doubts that Chaga did this, but what if?... I continued drinking the Chaga and in a few days noticed I felt the best ive felt in a long time. I noticed great energy and I was springing up out of bed ready to hit the day. I felt 20 years younger. I then noticed other things... my shoulder pain went away, I noticed the lettering on the street signs seemed to be sharper and my blood pressure lower. All of this was in the first week or two. The last thing that made me a true believer was my back. I do alot of wade fishing for trout and redfish as I live on the Gulf Coast and when wading I could generally wade for around 3 hours and my back was done and burning. I would have to get out of the water. After starting Chaga the first wade I made, I noticed my back did not hurt and noticed that I had been wading for about 5 hours. I waded the whole weekend without my hurting.

I've been drinking Chaga for right around a year now and have not had one pain in my shoulders and they have never felt better and have full movement as well. I feel great and still bounce out of bed in the morning. I will drink about 6 cups of Chaga a day and find it to be just like drinking iced tea. My only regret is that I did not discover Chaga sooner!

Long Live the Chaga! Keep up the great work Dwight and thanks for the Quality! 

March 1/2017

I've been ordering for some time now and have been waiting to send this.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis when I was 16 years old after several years of agony.  The inflammation was extreme enough that I have stretch marks on both knees from the flair ups over the years.  I am now 46.  I also suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome which I have managed off and on with oral birth control.

A local gentleman told me what chaga had done for his health and encouraged me to try it.  I'm not the woodsy type and so found Fiddlehead Heaven.  I honestly didn't think chaga would work for me.  I've been on many medications over the past 30 years and was resigned to the fact that I would be crippled in my old age.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

I'm not a tea fan and so ordered the capsule making machine and the ground chaga.  I take 4 capsules daily and am beyond happy to say I have NO arthritis pain any longer!  The first 3 months without a flair up I thought 'well the pressure has been settled so maybe it's not the chaga' and said nothing.  The next 3 months I thought 'dare I hope?'.  After this past year I will NEVER not take chaga!  I cannot begin to describe the freedom from worrying about pain.  I'm not sure how or why but since I've been taking chaga my menstrual cycles are regular for the first time in my life and I have no pain during ovulation!!!!  The psoriasis that would flair up on my legs during the winter months (no sunlight) are completely healed.  I only noticed this past month that I hadn't scratched my legs bloody this winter!  I no longer use pain medication at all.  I no longer use oral birth control to regulate the ovarian cysts.  I no longer need sleep medication to be able to rest when the pain was bad.  No chemicals at all!

The most convenient and wondrous natural product ever!

I am so grateful to Fiddlehead Heaven and pray you will be in business forever.  The staff and service are truly Canadian!

Thank you!!!!

Charlotte Grandy

   December 30/2016

I suspect that for over 90% of the people Chaga tea is the very best all around tonic you can drink. It has been beneficial to my health in numerous ways over the last decade and may have protected me from from a variety cancers developing. I am 58 and my blood pressure is consistently 115/70 and 20 years ago it was borderline high.

Chaga moves through the body in very subtle ways and you just will not be able to pinpoint all the improvments many of it's will be experiencing. In my case I'll  sum it up with my life just seems better and easier mentally and physically. I've had such good fortune with Chaga that I have added other plants and fungi which have also surely been helpful. I have visited this website a couple of times in recent years but am not a customer, although if I didn't gather my own Chaga I would definitely buy from Fiddlehead Heaven. Do not  buy Chaga just anywhere, do your homework, and from my own research over the years these folks appear from their literature to be a safe choice.


March 16/ 2016

Hi there Fiddlehead Heaven,
I am so happy I found YOUR website! I received my first order of Chaga chunks almost two weeks ago and made my tea. Since then I have been drinking about 2-3 cups a day. The first benefit I noticed a few days in was a nice cleansing on my bowels. I am back to my normal daily routine as far as that goes! Ha ha

Now I find, in spite of my fibromyalgia, that I have a lot more energy every single day. I am actually able to complete a task each day without paying for it for days afterwards! What a wonderful thing this is for me!!

Obviously, Chaga tea is and will be part of my daily routine, which will include other healthful habits!

Thank you for what you do for all of us!


New year January 2016 Dear Dwight,

My name is Mercedes and I live in the Rockie Mountains of south western British Columbia. I got my order of your tea cut Chaga and have used it all in two weeks drinking at least 4 cups a day. I also give 1/2 a cup of the tea to my beloved dog Buddie. I love the energy it has given me. When I spoke to you on the phone I told you I ordered some product from another company for comparison. The first pot I made from the other company made it very obvious your Chaga was superior. I didn't know  how old it was or when they picked it when I ordered from the other company. It came in a plastic bag and was over a year old, labeled as being picked March 2014. You have my business from now on. Your phone chat made me feel you cared deeply in helping people and I felt like a friend appreciating the tips you gave me in brewing it. Happy New Year 2016 Mercedes and Buddie

Hi There,

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with Chaga Tea. I was drawn to your site, and felt very drawn to purchase some Chaga Tea Grind! I love it, I crave it, and am so thankful for it's therapeutic qualities. I suffer from autoimmune  disease. Since drinking your Chaga tea my psoriasis has  dramatically improved, even my thyroid condition seems to be improving, I'm over the moon!!!

Thank you again for really changing my life, I'm a lifetime customer now!!


Jolene M.


  I just wanted to say thank you for my recent order of chaga chunks. love the new 2lb bulk bags. I purchased chaga chunks in the past from you and did not use it to the extend that i`m using it now. my health has improved dramatically since i`v started drinking three 8 oz cups per day of it for the last 2 weeks. Thank you so much Dwight, you truly are Fiddlehead Heaven sent. Thanks!

Hector Fuentes

 August 19th/2015

Hello Dwight,

Some months back I was in touch about Chaga and you told me your experience. I 

have lymphoma. I have been using it as often as possible for the last 6 months or 

so. My liver tumor has shrunk from 10cm to 3 cm The fluid in my or by my lungs has 

disappeared and the lumps under my arm some smaller.  I am going to Mexico for the 

winter tomorrow and I wanted to write you and thank you for your encouragement. 

Paying attention to the protocols is important and I have done that although I 

still smoke. Be well and thanks John.

John B, Ontario


 I have been a martial Arts teacher/student for the past 25 years and have had an interest in healing modalities for the recovery aspect of my training, I have been consuming medicinal mushrooms for a period of 5 years .I was interested in Chaga and was fortunate enough to come across Fiddlehead Heaven, I found gold!

I consume Fiddlehead Heaven Chaga in tea form and make my own dual extraction tinctures, chaga contains a range of important active constituents such as Polysaccharides and melanin which provide numerous health benefits. I personally have noticed an increase in energy, my sleep is much deeper and my skin has become smoother. My ability to retain information and problem solving has increased which I am really happy with.

But the most positive outcome I have noticed with Fiddlehead Heaven Chaga  is with a family member who has terminal cancer, I give him Chaga Tea every day and his cancer markers CA 125 test have come down from 450 at first diagnosis September 2012 to now under 10 which is considered in normal range July 2014. Considering my family member was only given 6 months until a decline in health was expected from his Specialists ,this was not to be the case his quality of life has been very good this I contribute to regular consumption of Fiddlehead Heaven Chaga and vegetable Juicing.

I am supportive of Companies who care for the environment and impressed with Dwight Thornton’s meticulous skill in Harvesting Chaga from the host tree, being a trained Arborculturist (Tree Surgeon) Dwight knows what period of the year to harvest this amazing substance. Any questions I have had for Dwight via email he has promptly returned with the appropriate answer. This type of service I have found lacking in other businesses, I highly recommend Dwight and his Company Fiddlehead Heaven if you care for your health and enjoy taking High quality Chaga!

Brent Patrick, Sydney Australia

July 1/2015

 Hello Dwight --Using your chaga to make the tea. Am 85 years young and it has made me to go back to gym class here on Fishers Island

Thanks for the Chaga, John Ski in Connecticut

Feb 12/2014

 I have been thinking a lot these last few days about how fortunate I am to be alive in 2014 when I should not even be on this earth! So this morning I have decided to write my own testimonial to the powers of Chaga and share my full story with everyone since I left out the fact that I was dying from Hep-C when I returned home here to New Brunswick in 2006. I left this out of my story on the Chaga page because people with diseases like Hep-C and HIV tend to get stereotyped, and did not want this to stop people from ordering this sometimes life saving gift. But I want everyone to know that I was negative for the hep-c virus before I added it to my new website in 2007. I did not offer Chaga or any kind of medicinal mushroom on my former website www.wildmushroomsandmore.ca  (which does not exist anymore) only wild edible gourmet mushrooms and other wild foods as well as being a wholesale supplier of Floral Greens to Flower Shops & Nurseries. My former company was called 'Mountain Harvest Wild Botanical Products' 1999-2006. in Squamish BC Canada.

So here it is folks, the true story of why I came back to my home province of New Brunswick in 2006

 Back in 2006 when I returned to my home here in New Brunswick from BC, I was very sick and should not have lived out the year, I was in the final stages of my organs shutting down from Hep-C.  My younger sister Mary had come home and died two years earlier from the same disease and I also wanted to be home to die near family & old friends as well when I left this earth. If not for remembering the stories that Andrei had told me back on the Queen Charlotte Islands back in 99, I would have also succumbed to my sisters fate! 

When I called the people in Russia who Andrei had told me about back in 1999 to find out more about Chaga, the lad I talked to there was incredible and he spoke English very well. ( although they have a lot of things called devices (tools) in Russia) However, the price for 1/lb of the chunks was well over  $100 delivered to me here in Canada. I was of course at that time was on a disability income and could not afford that at all. So I had no choice but to muster up the strength and go out to see if I could find Chaga here in New Brunswick since our province is full of Birch stands! So loaded with all the information this lad had told me, and being a mushroom hunter anyway it was only natural for me to try and get out and find my own, and yes I was lucky enough to find it within a half hour of my home here in Windsor. 

The results of that hunt is obvious, I am still here in 2014. I was negative for the Hep-C virus completely after only eight months! (Feb 2007) My type 2 Diabetes was under control as was my high Blood pressure by then as well.  

 So how could I not share this amazing gift with people who needed it as I did, But I knew also that the people who needed it as I did would not be able to afford over $100 a lb. because if they were as  sick like I was, they would not be working. So in the spring of 2007 when I offered the Chaga on my new website 'Fiddlehead Heaven', I charged only what I could do it for as a harvester myself, which was less than half of getting it from Russia which I also included free shipping to those who could not afford it.

By the spring of 2008, I could no longer harvest enough Chaga myself to keep up with the demand so started training a few people here in New Brunswick, Quebec & over in Maine to help me with this. Well, I guess some of the people I chose to share my harvesting knowledge with were the wrong people to train and to tell about Chaga, as most of them now have their own websites, and of course since I was the only website in North America at the time, they turned my wholesale prices  into retail prices to compete with me, and of course copied everything that Chagatrade.ru ( which I did not do) had on their website to give them credibility. I still to this day do not know why Chaga Trade has not sued most of these people for copyright infringement. So anyway my good intentions in the beginning has turned into a marketing frenzy and has greatly undervalued the the true value of Chaga. And many people (mostly slick marketers) have taken advantage of my kindness and mission to share this gift with others who truly do need it.

Kind Wishes & Hope for everyone in 2014,

Dwight D. Thornton

 Hello Dwight,

my wife and I have received the Chaga chunks today. 

We are both Russsian -born, and my wife Alyona is originally from Siberia, so she is a chaga -expert. She inspected it and said that this batch is perfect. The quality is excellent, thank you so much to you and your team.

God Bless, 

Andrei -  B.A., B.Eng., Wildcrafted Hydrosol Master Distiller

and Alyona - B.A.(Hons), B.Ed., Cert. Herbalist, PhytoSpiritual Essencing Therapist

Independent FANTAINA 

Nature Research

Oct 29/13

 Dear Dwight,

New message from Arek Devarj

Subject   Some Kind Words

Message   Mr. Thornton, 

I am utterly amazed and appreciative of the raw power that your wild sourced chaga contains. I have been dealing with endocrine issues recently and have since found a complete 180 degree shift in my energy levels, immune system function, muscle strength/recovery and mental capacity, as well as overall circulation, cold tolerance and health. My acne, fatigue and anxiety have also resigned and I had previously been told by doctors that the 'benign cyst' on my right testicle could grow to the size of a baseball over my lifetime. Since I have been consuming your chaga in an hot water infused tea, usually soaking for a couple days with wild white birch bark/poplar bud emulsion extracts, the cyst has miraculously disappeared within a few weeks of daily consumption. I am only 24 and will continue to advocate the use of this priceless medicine to my family and friends for the rest of my life, even our diabetic cat and old dog seem to love it! My mother has been experiencing the effects of radiation therapy and pharmaceuticals with more energy, strength and endurance than she ever has before they started as well as my father who has already had his prostate removed due to cancer and has had further inflammation complications. Since the introduction of the chaga tea I have seen a paradigm shift in their overall health and ability to thrive with resilience despite the many recent set backs. Averaging 2-3 cups/day these unimaginable benefits have manifested. I wanted to sincerely thank you for this gift and look forward to my next shipment of chaga chunks which I and the rest of us health conscious individuals can't go without! 

P.S. I'll definitely be saving up for a mushroom hunting foray one of these days as well, take care!

March 22/13

 Thank you Dwight! The Chaga is out of this world !!! :=)

Heather Rather

Feb 2, 2013

 (Mushroom Hunting School In New Brunswick, Canada)

Over the past two years I have become aware of the healing properties and health benefits of different types of mushrooms.  This has prompted me to learn about both wild and cultivated mushrooms.

I and several of my friends have started taking mushrooms on a regular basis.  Personally, I have noted a shift in my health . In particular, I will never miss drinking the Chaga tea on a daily basis. This mushroom not only tastes great, but has so many health indicators that I believe it is helping control my diabetes and perhaps reduce the severity and frequency of the viruses that are common to our environment each year. 

In my quest to learn more, I found a five-day course on mushrooms, hosted and taught by Dwight Thornton. This man's wealth of information and charming demeanor culminated in a fabulous five days of learning and laughter.

The practical experience of hunting for mushrooms two to three times a day, combined with group cooking, led to a great time with a fun guy. The delicious self generated meals were only exceeded by the great time had by all the participants.

We learned to identify, grade and prepare mushrooms for market (Chanterelles, Lobsters, Boletus, Hedgehogs, and more).  Identifying several of the popular mushrooms led to invaluable simple directions on how to enter the complicated world of wild mushrooms. Combined with drinking Chaga tea and eating wild mushrooms (and the long walks each day in the forest) was a great healthy week!

I highly recommend this one-week course for its valuable information (creating spore prints, spore water, and much more) and great recreation time to anybody that wants to learn about hunting mushrooms and having a great time.

August 19-24,2013

Al King (Edmonton, A.B. Canada)

P.S.  I also met my daughter Kathryn there, and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and grow together.

Thanks Dwight.

 (Mushroom Hunting School In New Brunswick, Canada)

After attending the 5-day mushroom hunting school with Dwight, I'm so excited to go home and start looking for my own patches!

As the week progressed, our little "family" began to dream up fabulous mushroom dishes -- we pooled our resources and had a feast every night!

Although I had an interest in mushrooms before the course, I never would have had the courage to pick a mushroom and eat it.  A book just isn't reassuring enough.  Now I feel confident picking at least 5 types of DELICIOUS mushrooms!

The pace of the course was great -- we weren't bored or rushed.  We learned all we needed to know about harvesting wild mushrooms, whether for personal use or for sale.

We learned about what trees to look for and what weather patterns would induce fruiting in certain terrains. The best part was that I've learned by DOING!

It was an exciting, informative and relaxing vacation.  Thanks for the AMAZING time, Dwight! You've been a fabulous host!!

Kathryn King (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

August 19-24,2012

 (Mushroom Hunting School In New Brunswick, Canada)

I was so happy to find a place to learn about hunting and picking mushrooms.  I love to spend time in the forest.  My husband and I like to fish and hunt, prospect and enjoy nature.  Often we would find mushrooms but would never pick them, not knowing which ones were safe and good to eat.

My son bought me a book about mushrooms, but this was not an easy way to learn.  Hands on experience had to be the only way.  I looked on the internet to find 'edible' mushrooms in New Brunswick and I did find a good site, but I also found a site for a Mushroom Hunting School, so I decided to give it a try.  My friends thought I was crazy to try this on my own but why not?

So there I was, and after the third day I had learned so much. We were concentrating on mushrooms that grow on living things - Chanterelles, Lobster mushrooms, Boletus, Hedgehog, etc. -- learning all about the environments to find them in, the influence of the weather, how to pick, cook and prepare them for sale.  Also, how to make sure you pick responsibly to keep them growing.

The hands-on experience was awesome, and the hospitality was great. We shared lots of stories, cooked, and shared so many yummy mushrooms.  Mushroom tasting the first night, mushroom omelet, mushrooms on toast, and Fiddlehead and mushroom soup!

Thank you so much Dwight for the great experience and sharing your knowledge!  It was an awesome week!  I can't wait to start hunting mushrooms in my area and impressing my husband!

Thanks Again,

Sue LeBlanc

(Sue has asked that her location not be revealed to protect the new mushroom patches that she & her husband Chris have found since returning home!)

August 19-24,2012

 "Thanks -- the pictures and your story are wonderful!!!  Did I tell you, by the way, I'm convinced that one of the major reasons I'm alive and doing so well today is because of the Chaga (I call it Lady Chaga).  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE GOOD WORK AND FOR MAKING THIS AVAILABLE TO US IN THE EXACT WAY YOU HAVE.  I noticed other sites that offer Chaga as 2-oz bottles of tincture and stuff like that for a lot of money.  Your price is reasonable and truly a great blessing to us all.  I tell others about it every chance I get.  Sure hope it nets you some more devoted customers and more happier, healthier people who, like you and me, care for our Earth and each other!"


 "Here is testimony from my experience at your mushroom school.  I really appreciate the knowledge and patience of Dwight.  He stayed with the group the whole five days in the woods to show us exactly what you can find and how to pick the mushrooms and preserve them.  After I took that course I feel more secure about what to eat and not to eat when I go in the woods. Great experience!"

Pascal (Montreal, Quebec Canada)

 "I just love the Chaga from Fiddlehead Heaven: it gives me strength, freshness and a feeling of well-being.

But above all, I enjoy the friendliness, generosity and the swiftness and smoothness of service with which Dwight makes me feel welcome.

I can recommend his fine Chaga. Thank you, Dwight.

J.A., Switzerland

 "Having lived in Europe, I used to go on mushroom picking trips with my dad when I was a child. I was surprised to find out that mushroom hunting wasn’t quite as popular in Canada. I was looking to refresh my memory as to which mushrooms are edible and was very happy to find out there was a certified professional who knew his stuff and also was willing to share his knowledge with others. I was even more surprised to find out all of this was happening in my home province of New Brunswick not even an hour drive from where I live. 

I convinced my husband to join me for a day of mushroom picking – and we could not have had a better time! Dwight is very knowledgeable and a lot of fun as well. He’s very patient at answering millions of questions we had and at explaining all the details about mushrooms and best habitats etc...

We learned a lot and picked enough to make a delicious mushroom meal that evening!

It was the best day I had since I was a kid, picking mushrooms with my dad...now, when I go for a walk in the woods I keep myself occupied looking for mushrooms that can make it to my dinner pot. Highly recommend this kind of thing to anyone who’s passionate about nature, wants to learn a bit more about what it has to offer and loves to eat mushrooms!  Dwight is a superb mushroom hunting guide!"

Tanya Cole

August 12th/2013

 I just wanted to say thank you for my recent order of chaga chunks. love the new 2lb bulk bags. I purchased chaga chunks in the past from you and did not use it to the extend that i`m using it now. my health has improved dramatically since i`v started drinking three 8 oz cups per day of it for the last 2 weeks. Thank you so much Dwight, you truly are Fiddlehead Heaven sent. Thanks!

Hector Fuentes

 August 19th/2015

 In 2011 I was treated for 3rd stage colon cancer with lymph nodes penetration. After a resectioning procedure and six months of chemo and continuing follow up of which I am still on. I started to read up on chaga and in 2012 started up using chaga regularly -my oncologist can not believe how well my white and red cells are doing-my liver enzymes and kidney functions are well in line as is the hemoglobin. My immune system is functioning well-scans every six months show that all organs are normal. I have contributed this to a regiment of chaga tea usage. I thank Dwight for his wonderful advice and commitment to peoples well being and a wonderful product. 

 Doug Dubray

June 12/2012

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